VBS 2018: Donation List

You can help with the expense of VBS by either donating some of the following items or if you would like to give a monetary gift towards VBS please designate your gift on either your tithing envelope or a separate envelope. Items can be left in the VBS box in the church foyer.
Thank you!

Items Needed:

construction paper 
pipe cleaners 
colored tissue paper
2 oz. elmers glue - 70 bottles
food coloring
baking soda
plastic spoons
ziplock baggies
lab coats - adult sizes
weed wacker wire
rainbow slinks
pool noodles - bright colors
dryer vent hose
duct work metal pieces
carpet tubes
cardboard boxes
hula hoops
beaker, test tubes, etc.
caution/danger signs
neon tape
black and yellow striped tape
neon balls
Holographic/prism paper
cardboard circles from frozen pizzas

   October 2018   
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